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Hurricane Harvey Efforts From Our Area

Doing our part to help all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey

September 5, 2017

Over the last week, there has been an effort in our community to collect supplies to help out all of those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Hancock Carriers was asked to provide a truck & trailer, & ultimately, transport all of the items to the area, & we were very honored & humbled to do so.

Our community managed to fill a 53-foot trailer with donated products to help those affected. This morning, our driver left Olney, IL, heading down to the Houston area, with all of those supplies. It should arrive later this week, but we got a few pictures of it as it left.

We are so proud of our community’s generosity, & we’re so honored that we can be a part of this amazing display of humanity.

Thank you to everyone involved; it’s a beautiful thing! We are so happy to be involved in helping so many people!

The truck
                                          The truck & trailer carrying all of the supplies


Our truck had to have a special sticker to be allowed into the affected areas. This is what it looked like.

Special sticker
                                                          Special sticker


Look at the size of this trailer!
                                                                       Look at the size of this trailer!


Next stop...Texas!
                                           Next stop…Texas!


                     If you see this truck heading to Texas, give him a wave!