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Hancock Carriers, Inc.

HCI started out as a small trucking company but has achieved big success since its inception in 1984 by Ronald L. Hancock (President of Hancock Carriers, Inc.) Ron founded the company with a single tractor-trailer then, but we now operate an entire fleet of new and late-model tractors.

We are an Illinois-based corporation that services our customers in the transportation industry in the continental 48 states. The office and maintenance facilities of HCI are located in Olney, IL. We service all equipment at this location to guarantee that our fleet remains in exceptional operational condition. We have incorporated satellite tracking and communications with our trucks to ensure that customers know where their load is at all times. As an ever-growing company, HCI knows what it takes to reach excellence in an ever-changing industry. 


APU Equipped Fleet

Each tractor is equipped with an environmentally friendly Auxiliary Power Unit that allows the operator to heat / cool the cab of the truck and have power for lights and other equip. inside the cab.

Flatbed Trailers

HCI utilizes both 48′ and 53′ flatbed trailers in the fleet.

Stepdeck Trailers

HCI has incorporated 48′ stepdeck trailers in the fleet.

Van (box) Trailers

HCI has an assortment of 45′, 48′, and 53′ box trailers in it’s fleet.

Hancock Carriers

Hancock Carriers, Inc., a division of Boyd Grain, services customers in the transportation industry in the continental 48 states.

Hancock Nationwide

Hancock Nationwide, a division of Boyd Grain, was formed to better provide the highest quality of service available in the transportation industry.